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Jun 26, 2017

Many American citizens seem to have given up on certain things, things like a good public education or safe food and safe streets, and at times, even in democracy. One scholar and author feels the blame lies with capitalism’s triumph over democracy. That we often seem to go with our gut feeling instead of the facts … or science.  On Perspective this week, a look at what has been lost in America today, and one man’s thoughts on the responsibility we, as citizens, need to recognize to bring it back.  

Guest:  Corey Dolgon is the author of Kill It To Save It: An autopsy of Capitalism’s Triumph over Democracy.  He is a professor of sociology and Director of Community Based Learning at Stonehill College in Maryland. Dolgon is also the author of "Social Problems: A Service Learning Approach."

Perspective is a weekly public affairs program hosted by Richard Baker, communications professor at Kansas State University. Perspective has been continuously produced for radio stations across the nation by K-State for well over six decades. The program has included interviews with dignitaries, authors and thought leaders from around the world. Send comments, questions or requests for copies of past programs to